Create luxurious kitchen designs with a solid slab backsplash for a clean and simple look

Kitchen Designs with Backsplash

One of the hottest trends in kitchen design right now is using a solid slab of marble, quartz, or granite as the backsplash. Keep reading to explore kitchen designs with a solid slab backsplash for inspiration in your own kitchen remodel and to learn a few ways you can make this look budget-friendly.

Solid Slab Backsplashes

Nothing says luxury in kitchen design like a solid slab backsplash. It creates a clean aesthetic whose simplicity allows the natural beauty of the material to become the uncontested focal point of the design. (And to the moms reading this – it’s super easy to clean!)

Get the Look for Less

A solid slab backsplash will cost more than traditional tile, but there are a few ways to make sure it doesn’t completely break the budget. And, the investment will be so worth it in the end. Here are a few ways you can get this luxe look for less:

  1. Cover a smaller feature area like behind the stove. That’s what Morris Black did for this Allentown kitchen remodel and, as you can see, the slab still makes an impactful statement. But, you’ll save significantly by covering less square footage. If you’re flexible, you may even find an off-cut piece for a reduced price that will fit this smaller space.
  2. Go for a short slab backsplash. Often, these short kitchen backsplashes only reach a few inches tall to protect the wall area closest to the counter. However, they can extend to halfway up the wall. Even though the slab doesn’t fully reach the cabinets/ceiling, it still draws your eye up and gives the impression that the material is climbing up the wall.
  3. If you’re set on completely covering your backsplash with a slab, look into using two book-matched pieces of slab instead of one continuous slab. Book-matched pieces are cut from the same stone and flipped to make a mirror image. With this option, you’ll still get the drama of a full slab backsplash but without so steep of a cost.

Smaller featured backsplash area in an Allentown Kitchen

Bring this Look Home

Request a design consultation via our online form linked here so our design experts can guide you through the next steps of choosing your solid slab backsplash. Follow @morrisblackdesigns on Instagram for more kitchen design inspiration.