Tan painted walk-in Pantry for ample kitchen storage

Walk-In Pantries Vs. Cabinet Pantries

RICKI – The Kitchen Think Tank asked 995 U.S. consumers, “If you were creating your ideal kitchen, which of the following design features would you most want in the kitchen if cost were not a factor?” The number one most desired feature was a Walk-In Pantry.

A lot of people wonder: “Well everyone wants a walk-in closet. Why shouldn’t I want a walk-in pantry? After all, bigger is better.”

And it’s not that a walk-in is automatically the “wrong choice,” but neither is it automatically the “right choice.” Pantries have different functionality that needs to be considered. A walk-in isn’t automatically better just because it’s bigger. In fact, a cabinet is preferable to a lot of people depending on what they’re looking for.

Here’s a look at the pros and cons to help illustrate their differences.

Walk-In Pantries

Pros: Walk-in pantries do in fact offer much more storage space. This is great for storing lots of supplies, especially large appliances. More space also means better organization (in theory).

Cons: That extra space has to come from somewhere. A walk-in pantry will shrink the footprint of the kitchen, which isn’t ideal if the goal of the kitchen remodel is to maximize space. It will also be located further away from the cooking workspace, so supplies won’t be an arm’s reach away. And while walk-in pantries offer the opportunity for better organization, it requires upkeep to maintain. Without that upkeep, it can quickly become a mess.

Cabinet Pantries

Pros: Cabinet pantries offer a more centralized storage space that won’t take so long to search through and will be easier to maintain. And since they’re part of the cabinetry, they won’t eat into the kitchen’s square footage and can be located much closer to the cooking workspace.

Cons: Obviously, they’re smaller. There will also necessarily be less room available for counter space if a cabinet pantry is included in the design.

Pull out cabinet pantry with space for kitchenware and more


Pantries come in all shapes and sizes. Walk-in vs cabinet – neither one is objectively “better.” Consider what would work best for your family in your home.

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