Give Your Walk-In Closet a Makeover

A walk-in closet is not just a staple in a home, it is something most homeowners want and typically shows up on the “must-have” list. An organized closet with all clothing and accessories easily in view and in one place, makes creating a “put together” look fast and simple. Most walk-ins use the same generic metal framing or melamine shelves and basic cabinetry. With these closet upgrades, you will not only have a walk-in closet that is functional but also will make others envious.

Clothing Storage

The first upgrade is incorporating wardrobe lifts into your hanging spaces. Wardrobe lifts are hanging space that you install into a cabinet, from the ceiling, or in any space to create layers of hanging space for more vertical storage. You will simply hang your items and then use the movement bar to push the rack into the locking position. This upper level storage is idea for suit and sport coats or formal dresses or outfits that you might not need all the time. Signature Custom Cabinetry, Inc., offers wardrobe lifts that can be installed in a Morris Black designed cabinet or closet.

Custom Built Walk-in Closet features a Wardrobe Lift

Another option for clothing storage is installing closet rods with lights. This is a must have for everyone, whether you have a regular closet or walk-in. Lighted closet rods contain strips of LED lights that will turn on and illuminate the clothing hanging below. It makes finding the right clothing piece easier as the lights are on the bottom of the rod and illuminate what is below. These are ideal for inside taller cabinets, dark spaces, or closets that are ready to be upgraded.

Lighted Closet Rods for a Custom Designed Walk-in Closet

Shoe Storage

Since we talked about clothing, let’s now talk about shoe storage options. One thing that many struggle with walk-in closets is shoe storage space, or lack thereof. Take advantage of every inch of your space by incorporating a corner shoe rack that includes multiple lazy susans.

Shoe Rack with Lazy Susans for Easy Organization in a Walk-in Closet

The second option is simple and effective, which is installing a shoe rail so shoes are kept in place. This is ideal for flats, heels, or men’s shoes as they stop the shoe from falling while not relying on a small heel to keep it in position, like a traditional shoe rack.

Walk-in Closet with Shoe Rail for Easy Storage and Organization

Tie it Together

Ladies, don’t forget about the men with a plethora of ties. Hafele offers a tie rack that holds 20 ties at your fingertips. The best part? It easily swings under your clothing rack for sleek storage.

Tie Rack in a Walk-in Closet makes organizing easy and getting dressed fast and simple

Whatever your closet needs, you can look here to make your closet become an organized respite that really makes you look good. Click here to learn more about our process in designing a walk-in closet and other spaces.

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