Fall in Love with Your Kitchen Again

For most the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is the room that brings the family together and memories are made. Whether they are big on entertaining, tech savvy, or they want to make the most out of their kitchen space, Morris Black offers a variety of selections to make you fall in love with your kitchen all over again.

For the Entertainer

Create the ideal centerpiece in your kitchen by incorporating many of the 2020 trends for kitchen islands. An island, in itself, is ideal for an entertainer as it provides both extra work and serving space and acts as a place for guests to gather while cooking is still going on. Choosing an island in a color that compliments the rest of the kitchen will make the whole room pop, even if it is a different natural shade, like this kitchen from Signature Custom Cabinetry, Inc. Incorporating display shelving on one side and functional cabinet space on the other will make it even more functional. For the counter, Morris Black offers a variety of counter top options, which you can see here.

Kitchen Island Designed for Entertaining
Photo via Signature Custom Cabinetry

For the Tech Savvy

Incorporating some of the most up to date technology into kitchens is ideal for most. Being able to control appliances using voice commands or your cell phone makes cooking easier and might even save you some time. What if you took it a step further and had a smart countertop? Corian has recently released their charging surface countertops. Using a wireless transmitter that you place underneath your choice Corian quartz countertop, your counter becomes the ultimate charging station for all of your and your family’s devices. The charging surface countertops are available in every Corian color, to learn more visit Corian’s website.

Corian Countertops have technology that recharge your phone
Photo via Corian

For the Organizer

Now we all have that one person in our lives that loves for everything to have its own place. Customize all of your kitchen drawers and cabinets using KraftMaid’s wide selection of pieces to allow all of your drawers and cabinets to be organized. Even if it is as simple as adding the the K-Cup organizing drawer into the space near your Keurig or it is as big as incorporating one of their many corner cabinet solutions into your kitchen. With their wide selection that can be incorporated into any Morris Black designed kitchen, the organization lover’s heart will soar.

KraftMaid Kitchen Cabinet Pull Out Drawers for Organizing
Photo via KraftMaid
KraftMaid Keurig Cup Organizer Drawer for Kitchen Cabinets
Photo via KraftMaid








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