Stone Kitchen Design

If we talk design trends of 2020, we cannot deny the strong comeback we are seeing of stone kitchen design. While design trends have their moment and undoubtedly ebb and flow, we are seeing a return of natural elements in the kitchen, namely gorgeous natural stone and stone veneer. Overall, adding these elements in your design can complement any style of kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen Design with Stone Elements

Contemporary Kitchen with Stone Element

You can perfectly integrate rustic stone elements in a contemporary kitchen as seen in this new construction design. For example, the stone half wall anchors this space by creating a strong focal point. The natural walnut cabinetry and bar stool tops accentuate the warmth of the stone and plays on the colors found within nature.   Remaining true to contemporary style, this design is sleek and chic, and features stainless steel appliances, warm wood tones and light granite countertops. Granite happens to be the perfect countertop to pair with stone as it will naturally enhance the earthy elements in your design.

Transitional Kitchen Design 

Transitional Kitchen Design with Stone Elements

In this remodel of an old stone farmhouse, it was important to retain the integrity of the style by embracing the natural aspects of the stone wall. Adding transitional flair was the perfect enhancement to the stunning stone elements. In true transitional style, we also opted for the sleek and simple lines of the cabinetry and created a cohesive scheme with a blend of materials. Stained cherry cabinetry and warm colors throughout this space come together to seamlessly create a cozy ambiance.

Rustic Kitchen Design with Stone Elements

Rustic Kitchen Design with Stone Elements

This rustic kitchen impeccably showcases the versatility of natural stone. It is the star of this stunning design which effortlessly combines modern conveniences with rustic charm.  The stone provides a textural contrast to the warm wood tones and smooth surfaces. It also opens up the space with its light and airy white tone. Allowing natural light to shine through the arches further accentuates this natural color palette. This design was purposefully enhanced by playing with contrasting colors and surface types. Shiny bright granite seals the deal and marries the varying elements beautifully.

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