Bathroom Retreat Inspiration

Sometimes needing a getaway means looking no further than right down the hall. After all, sometimes sneaking away for a rejuvenating vacation simply just isn’t in the cards. Thankfully, you have come to the right place for the perfect bathroom retreat inspiration to make your vacation jealous.  

“Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful.”  – Hazrat Inayat Khan 

We say stop waiting to use your vacation time to escape and rather create the perfect retreat in your own home. If we had to pick, we would wholeheartedly say to pick the space that is meant to revitalize you from head to toe – your bathroom.  

Not only will investing in a bathroom remodel increase the value of your home, it will also increase the value of your time. Time well spent is well worth your time.  And it is always the perfect time to take care of yourself – mind, body, and soul.  

Setting the Stage for Your Bathroom Retreat  

Luxurious Shower for Your Bathroom Retreat Inspiration

This bathroom redesign by Lydia Bogle has all the bells and whistles and proves you can have the ultimate relaxation experience without the need of a soaker tub.  This shower space features an arched entry and exudes a European spa feel. Additionally, the floor-to-ceiling tile is the definitive spa touch and instantly transports your mind and senses to a sumptuous getaway without stepping foot outside your door.  

This expansive shower is the definition of luxurious and can easily accommodate two people. The added bench is another personalized element to up the relaxation ante and the large removable sprayer provides maximum coverage for a drenching rain shower. With no door or curtain to contend with, the detachable shower head makes for easy cleaning too.  

Dual Vanities 

Dual Vanities Bathroom Retreat Inspiration

Continuing with personalization, we also created dual vanities that are separate from each other. This truly creates defined, intimate spaces with enough surface area to spread out. The built-in features in the vanity and adjacent to provide ample room for fluffy towels and all your favorite go-to self-care products.   

Soaking Tub 

Bathroom Retreat Inspiration for Soaker Tub

If soaking after a long day sounds most appealing, then this design is just for you. The deep, jetted soaker tub is perfect for stretching out and letting go of the day’s troubles. The addition of a flat screen is placed for optimal viewing, whether watching a movie, the big game, or even catching up on the news. 

This space has all the elegance – with the white columns, arched ceiling, and even a chandelier, setting the tone for rejuvenation. Undoubtedly, Indulgence remains at the forefront of this relaxing retreat with all the homeowner’s comforts at their fingertips.  

Custom Pieces for your Bathroom Retreat Inspiration

Bathroom Retreat Inspiration Custom Pieces

Another feature of this design is the gorgeous freestanding dresser. It is roomy enough to hold linens, towels, and all your accessories and is custom made to be statement piece of this design. The best part, however, is the fact that his piece can be moved around – perhaps to a walk-in closet or even taken with you if you move. Sometimes rethinking traditional designs and opting for “out of the box” thinking serves dual purposes and makes for the perfect space customized with your needs and wants.  

Whether you opt for a luxurious shower or an indulgent soaking tub, creating a space just for you is the ultimate reflection in self-care. Investing in a bathroom remodel reaps rewards far greater than a one-time getaway and will leave you feeling blissful for far longer, too.  

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