Kitchen Colored Cabinets

One of the biggest design shifts in 2022 has been the move towards colored kitchen cabinets. What colors, you ask? There’s not just one answer. Keep reading to explore the wide range of colors that homeowners are increasingly choosing for their colored kitchen cabinetry design.

Warm Whites, Beiges, & Creams

Yes, albeit neutral, they are considered colors. Warm whites, beiges, and creams are phenomenal colors for kitchen cabinets because they act as a versatile backdrop while creating a calm and inviting space with their warm tones. One of the most popular trends with these colored cabinets is to stick to the same color palette throughout the whole kitchen and incorporate pops of color with decor later.

Warm Whites, Beiges, & Creams colorful kitchen cabinetry design

Kitchen Design by Christine Shorr, CKBD

Light & Bright

Stark white isn’t the only option to make a kitchen feel bigger and brighter. Any lighter shade of paint will achieve the same trick while adding a little playfulness and personality to the design. Some popular colors right now are a beautiful sky blue or, for those a little more adventurous, shades of citrus.

Light and Bright colorful kitchen cabinetry design

Kitchen by Dan Lenner, CMKBD

The Dark Side

Darker colors for cabinets are making a comeback. Think jewel tones (rich sapphires and emeralds), earthy tones like moss green, and even black. If you’re worried about going too dark in a small kitchen, consider painting the lower cabinet a dark color and the upper cabinets a light color.

The Dark Side colorful kitchen cabinetry

Kitchen Design by Christine Shorr, CKBD

How Do I Ever Choose?

Step one is to consider your kitchen’s size and lighting. Try displaying large paint swatches so you can see what the colors look like in your kitchen, not just the store. After that, it largely comes down to personality. Colors are expressive and, at the end of the day, the ones you choose should be a reflection of you!

What Calls to You?

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