Traditional Kitchen Design by Lydia Bogle

Traditional Kitchen Design

Despite the meteoric rise of contemporary and transitional kitchens, traditional kitchen designs are still incredibly popular. That’s because traditional kitchens combine classic (read: timeless) techniques and materials to create a detailed design that will stand the test of time. Keep reading to explore the different components of a traditional kitchen.


As the term “traditional” might suggest, traditional kitchens stick to a classic neutral color palette. As far as wood tones, think deep cherry or light beige. Then select the rest of the neutrals based on warm or cool tones.


Raised panel cabinets or inset door styling are great options for traditional kitchens because they offer just the right amount of craftsmanship and visual interest. Pair them with a neutral antique finish or glaze to complement their detailing.

White cabinets in a traditional kitchen design

Design by Lydia Bogle


Luxurious countertops are conventionally the showstopper in a traditional kitchen. Granite or quartzite with a beautiful grain pattern are classic choices. But, nowadays, quartz can give the same look without any maintenance.


The backsplash is perhaps the one area to scale back and keep simple. There’s already so much going on, you don’t want to overpower the design with something too busy that, in turn, will make the entire kitchen design feel too busy. Stick to the neutral color palette and opt for a simple, unpatterned tile or the natural look of marble or other stone.

Finishing Touches

Now is the time to really bring on the decorative details. Think wainscoting, crown molding, decorative feet—anything that will recall the days of fine craftsmanship and detailed architecture. With the foundations set, it’s also time to select fixtures such as lighting (glass chandelier, anyone?).

While decorative details define the traditional kitchen style, a truly successful design layers them in a cohesive manner to create a beautifully ornate and adorned, but not overbearing, kitchen. If you’d like some advice on how to achieve this, fill out our online contact form to request a design consultation with a Morris Black design expert. Follow on Instagram @morrisblackdesigns for more kitchen design inspiration.