5 Things You Must Do Before Starting Your Kitchen Remodel Project

A kitchen remodel project can be an exciting time or stressful one. Do these five things before starting the project so it stays exciting.

Create a Budget

Creating a budget should always be step one. Decide how much money is available for the entire project and then allocate amounts for each design element (cabinets, countertops, backsplash, flooring, appliances, etc.). This itemized budget will greatly help when selecting materials so no one accidentally falls in love with an out-of-reach option.

Pro tip: set aside a margin of error for unexpected costs, such as faulty wiring or leaky pipes. That way, surprise problems can be fixed while still staying within budget.

White cabinetry in kitchen remodel
Kitchen by Christine Shorr, CKBD

Plan Ahead

Plan out the entire project before starting. Layout, materials, work schedule—everything should be planned down to the letter. Last-minute layout changes can impact the materials needed, causing delays. Last-minute material orders can have unexpected lead times, causing delays. Staying on schedule means staying on budget and, not to mention, preserving sanity. No one likes to have a kitchen torn apart for months at a time.

Select the Right Layout

If the current kitchen layout works—great! Not having to relocate plumbing, gas lines, and electrical will free up a good chunk of change in the budget. However, if the current layout isn’t functional, reflect on what isn’t working. Most times, the problem lies in poor flow.

For example, most homeowners nowadays consider it essential to have a dishwasher. Logically, it should be located next to the sink. But, a lot of older kitchens didn’t initially have them. Either they still lack a dishwasher or, when one was added, there wasn’t a good space to install it so it got shoved wherever it fit. When creating a layout, make sure there is a logical flow between all workstations of the kitchen.

Bar and Prep Sink
Kitchen by Christine Shorr, CKBD

Choose the Right Materials

In addition to not looking at anything over budget, consider how the materials will hold up to the family’s lifestyle. If there are young children (or a plan to have them), things like durability, water and stain resistance, and ease of cleaning should be top priorities. A darker color palette may also help to hide the eventual wear and tear. Conversely, if the children are older or there are only adults in the house, more emphasis can be placed on aesthetics. No matter what the family dynamic looks like opting for quality materials is always a good investment.

Prep Sink with White cabinetry in kitchen remodel
Kitchen by Christine Shorr, CKBD

Be Patient

Problems can pop up no matter how well the project is planned. Instead of stressing, take a deep breath and brainstorm various solutions. Keep in mind the project will get done, and the result will be so worth it in the end!

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