Universal Design

The term “Universal Design” used to refer to designing spaces for those with disabilities. Now the principle includes the use of products, spaces and aesthetics to meet the needs of all people—not just those with physical disabilities– regardless of their age, height or abilities. The basic concepts have been adopted and applied in many Morris Black designs, making our spaces accessible and functional for everyone.



  • Pulls rather than knobs on cabinetry – easier to grasp
  • Bright lighting – especially task lighting
  • Open floor plans with fewer steps and barriers
  • Raised dishwashers – easier to unload
  • Pull-out cutting boards and roll-out storage shelves
  • Multi-height countertops for various uses and comfort
  • Programmable light switches and motion detectors

We’ve found that good design enables many people to use the space without the need to adapt… improving the quality of life for all. Whether you are interested in design for aging in place, need to accommodate a challenge, or simply are interested in the most practical, efficient and comfortable use of space, ask any of our Morris Black designers about Universal Design.

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