White Kitchen Designs

White kitchen designs are a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. A lot of people think an all-white kitchen can be boring, but, it creates a clean sophisticated look no matter the style. Unlike bolder hues, white gives you the ability to be creative with accent colors and patterns. It is also easy to decorate seasonally and stay in-trend with décor items.

white kitchen cabinets are used for white kitchen designs in allentown pa

White Kitchen Cabinets

White kitchen designs usually start with white kitchen cabinets. The style of cabinets you choose will depend on the style you’re trying to achieve. A modern kitchen would include flat panel cabinetry whereas a traditional kitchen would include raised panel. Once you have your white cabinets picked out, you can then continue your style with countertop colors, flooring, and backsplashes.

modern cabinets go perfectly with white kitchen designs in allentown pa

Modern White Kitchen Designs

Modern white kitchens create an elegant and posh look for the homeowner. This style usually includes a luxury material like gold or marble. A modern kitchen can also be warmed up with a touch of wood through floating shelves or a countertop.

traditional styles blend perfectly with white kitchen designs

Traditional White Kitchen

Traditional white kitchens usually include softer white tones for more of a homey feel. You want your kitchen to be a space where guests can relax and feel welcome. Crown molding is also found in a lot of traditional kitchens – creating a furniture-style cabinet.

a farmhouse style looks great with white kitchen designs in allentown pa

White Farmhouse Kitchen

A white farmhouse kitchen can take the traditional route or the modern route. You will find elements like wood shelves, black hardware, and white subway tile in farmhouse kitchens. Industrial-like kitchen island seating is used to provoke the farmhouse appeal.

As you can see, white kitchen designs can come in many different styles. Morris Black Designs can help you make your kitchen design come to life! Stop by our showroom, fill out our consultation form, or contact us to learn more information or schedule an appointment! Additionally, follow us on Instagram for design inspiration and more.