The Value of Hiring a Certified Kitchen Designer

A certified kitchen designer can alleviate much of the stress commonly associated with home renovation projects and ensure that any time and money you invest is well spent. A designer who is certified with the kitchen and bath industry offers added value, because his or her comprehensive knowledge in space planning and construction can provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to the trickiest problems.

the value of hiring a certified kitchen designer in allentown pa

When choosing a designer, look for an industry-credentialed kitchen/bath professional from a reputable firm that has been in business for many years. Ask to see past projects, a portfolio and references.

Morris Black is proud of our team of highly-experienced kitchen and bath design professionals.  Here’s what we can bring to your project:

  • Local and national award-winning designers who understand the latest design trends, finishes, products, and technical aspects.
  • Skill in listening carefully to your needs and ideas and translating them into unique plans that are functional and complement your lifestyle.
  • Beautiful plans, perspectives, and other drawings to help clarify and visualize your concepts and designs.
  • Recognition of the importance of consumer health and safety in design, as well as leading-edge, eco-friendly products.
  • An understanding of all local codes and regulations, including NKBA standards, safety and environmental issues.
  • Experience in coordinating colors and textures to create pleasing palettes that bring your plans to life.

Ready to begin your remodel with a certified kitchen designer? Contact Morris Black or come visit our showroom in Allentown, PA!