butlers' kitchens or second kitchens perfect for extra storage and more

The Return of Second Kitchens

The return of “second kitchens”, also known as sculleries and butlers’ pantries, is exciting news to us here at Morris Black. Why? Because we know the true value of one. Allow us to show you.

What Is a Second Kitchen?

They can vary a lot depending on your needs and budget. But, at their core, they provide extra storage and a hidden spot to make a mess during your daily routines while keeping your main space beautiful.

For example, is your counter full of small appliances like your coffee maker? Do your specialty appliances, like your rice cooker and waffle maker, collect dust because it’s too much effort to dig them out of storage? With a second kitchen, you can keep them at your fingertips for easy use while still enjoying that nice, clean main counter.

To go a step further, install an extra dishwasher, sink, and mini fridge so your second kitchen can become your food prep/cleanup space. Whether you host regularly (guests see no mess!) or not, everyone will enjoy daily benefits from this setup. Imagine coming home to see no dishes in the sink. Enough said.

second kitchens or butlers’ kitchen for extra storage and a beautiful design

Why Are They Returning?

Second kitchens can vastly improve the organization, appearance, and functionality of your main kitchen. While this is true for any kitchen, their return is largely in response to the popularity of the open kitchen concept. Open concept means less cabinets and counterspace. Add in the growing trend of installing open shelving displays instead of upper cabinets, and these kitchens are begging for a storage solution. We personally think the second kitchen is a great answer.

Designing a Second Kitchen

Since your second kitchen will be secluded from the rest of the house, you don’t have to be as safe in its design. Have fun with bright colors or bold wallpaper. Make this alcove your little ray of sunshine.

If we’ve convinced you of the value of a second kitchen, give us a call at 610-264-2700 and our design experts will help you get started! Follow @morrisblackdesigns on Instagram for more inspiration