Morris Black Building and the Perfect Partner in Allentown Pennsylvania

Picking the Perfect Kitchen and Bath Designer

Why is picking the perfect kitchen and bath designer for your remodeling project so important? Remodeling projects can range from upgrades to elaborate transformations, a process that can be overwhelming and quite stressful. The myriad of product choices and design options available nowadays can make the final decision difficult to come by. That’s why so many homeowners are choosing to work with a professional kitchen & bath designer to alleviate the stress of choosing the right products for your home renovation. A professional designer can ensure that you are investing your time and money with the right products.

To begin, a designer who is certified in the kitchen & bath industry offers an added value of comprehensive knowledge in space planning and innovative, cost-effective solutions. When choosing a designer, look for a professional NKBA-trained and certified kitchen & bath professional. This designer should come from a reputable firm that has been in business for many years. Ask to see past projects, a portfolio, and references. Morris Black is proud of our team of highly-experienced design professionals.

What Morris Black Designs Brings

  • Local and national award-winning designers who understand the latest design trends, finishes, and innovative products
  • Skill in listening carefully to your needs and ideas and translating them into unique plans that are functional, beautiful, and complement your lifestyle
  • Beautiful plans, perspectives, and other drawings to help clarify and visualize concepts and designs
  • Recognition of the importance of consumer health and safety in design, as well as leading-edge, eco-friendly products
  • An understanding of all local codes and regulations, including NKBA standards, safety, and environmental issues
  • Experience in coordinating colors and textures to create pleasing palettes that bring your design to life

Above all, we are passionate about what we do. Our team of talented professional kitchen and bath designers will work with you to unlock the hidden potential in your home, creating living spaces—kitchens, bathrooms, libraries, home offices, and entertainment units—that truly reflect your personality.

At Morris Black, it’s a team effort! Fill out our online contact form to request a design consultation with a Morris Black design expert. Follow on Instagram @morrisblackdesigns for more kitchen design inspiration.