minimalist kitchen design with lack of clutter, simple cabinets and a stunning countertop

Minimalist Kitchen Design

Minimalist Kitchen Design

Minimalism is not a scarcity of objects or design; it’s a lack of excess. It means paring down to the essentials in order to create a space that is beautiful in its simplicity.

Now, what does this look like in a kitchen? It means decluttering your countertops, yes. But minimalist design is a lot more than just a lack of clutter. Let’s explore some minimal kitchen design elements to see if they fit your personal style.

Less is More

Since you’re paring down to the essentials, you won’t have as many design elements. But that means everything you use can make a big statement. For example: with clean, simple cabinets, you can choose a stunning countertop to take center stage. Amplify the effect by using a matching slab for the backsplash.

Clean, Sleek Lines

Minimalism is all about the lines. By keeping clean, sleek lines, your eye naturally flows from one point to the next. Consider using low profile appliances that won’t disrupt the lines of your counter or cabinets. Similarly, use invisible hardware on the cabinets that won’t detract or distract from the beauty of the lines.

Clean, sleek, minimalist design with white cabinets and dark countertops to create clean lines

Monochromatic Palette

A lot of people associate a pure white kitchen with minimalist design. While that certainly fits the bill, minimalist kitchen designs can absolutely feature color. Try going for a monochromatic palette, where you utilize different shades of the same color. Go tranquil with shades of tan, or go bold with different shades of a deep, rich blue.

Design Detail

You don’t have to forgo all decoration with minimalist design. I adore the look of display niches built into the wall. They provide the perfect space to showcase items you love.

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