Kitchen Work Area Ideas with Custom Cabinetry near Allentown, PA

Kitchen Work Area Ideas

Kitchen Work Area Ideas

The kitchen is the heart of the home and, nowadays, a lot more goes on in it than just cooking. Whether you’re using it as a makeshift work-from-home space, your children’s homework spot, or as a sorting/holding area for mail and bills, there’s a lot happening that traditional kitchen storage isn’t designed to handle.

If your family is anything like mine, that work clutter gets spread across the kitchen table and needs to be cleared before dinner. Now, imagine skipping that step and just sitting down to eat. Installing a small work area in the kitchen can turn that daydream into a reality. Let’s take a look at kitchen work area ideas.

Kitchen Work Area Ideas with Custom Cabinetry near Allentown, PACustom Cabinetry

Open shelving will be tempting but trust me, it’s not right for this project. All your papers and office supplies will take time to keep it looking organized. The better option is to install custom closed-door cabinets. The goal of your kitchen work area is to eliminate clutter, so all of your supplies should have a dedicated home behind those doors. If you have some wall space left over, then you can go for that decorative open shelving display.

Get (and Stay) Organized

Just because you have closed-door cabinets, doesn’t mean you want a mess behind them. Invest in some folders, paper trays, boxes, and anything else that will help you organize your supplies. Bonus tip: Purchase a label maker. Labeling everything will be especially helpful if your kids will use the space too.

Make It Personal

Have fun making the space yours with decorative elements like the open shelving display. But, also think about what additions would benefit your family. Do you need a calendar to keep track of the kid’s extracurriculars? Or maybe a white board for reminders and messages.

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