Learn about all the different seating opportunities kitchen islands have to offer.

Kitchen Island Seating Ideas

Kitchen island seating is no longer regulated to just a few extra bar stools. Keep reading to learn more about all the different seating opportunities kitchen islands have to offer and which one will best suit your family’s needs. 

In Lieu of Traditional Seating

More and more people are opting to nix their traditional table seating in favor of kitchen island seating. This design choice is a great solution for small spaces or floor plans where a formal dining room is disconnected from the kitchen.


No need to disconnect with the kitchen when you can sit around the kitchen island. Design by Christine Shorr, CKBD 


There are so many different kitchen island ideas with seating and storage because it offers the best of both worlds. You get extra prep space and storage while also creating seating for your family or guests to congregate while you cook. Play around with seating on one, two, or three of the island’s sides. This option truly transforms the kitchen into a centralized hub for gathering. 

Determining Size

How much seating you require will largely determine how big the island will need to be. A kitchen island with seating for four can be relatively small, while a kitchen island with seating for six will necessarily need to be a bit larger.  

Kitchen Island seating for two people in a small kitchen.

Design by Dan Lenner, CMKBD 

It can be overwhelming trying to determine what will work in a limited space, but don’t stress. Morris Black’s design experts are standing by with tons of small kitchen island ideas with seating that will work for any space. Fill out our online contact form to request a design consultation. Follow @morrisblackdesigns on Instagram for more kitchen design inspiration. 

Featured image kitchen design by Lydia Bogle.