How to Measure Your Kitchen

When beginning a remodel, it is important to know how to measure your kitchen. Getting accurate measurements of your kitchen before visiting a showroom will only speed up the remodeling process. If you bring measurements with you to a showroom visit, the designer will be able to accurately choose which products are a fit for your space.

how to measure your kitchen to prepare for a kitchen remodel in allentown pa

  1. Make a rough sketch of your room, large enough to fit all the measurements and notes.
  2. Start in one corner and label the wall A. Measure along the wall until you reach a door or window.
  3. Measure all doors and windows from the outside of the trim to the outside of the trim. FOR WINDOWS also measure: Distance from floor to bottom of sill Distance from top of window to ceiling or soffit. FOR DOORS also measure: Height of door, including trim Distance from top of door to ceiling or soffit. Note the direction that the door swings.
  4. Continue measuring around the room (walls B C +D) until you reach your starting point. Include any bump-outs or recessed areas. Measure the height of the soffit (if one exists).
  5. Measure the height of the ceiling from more than one location.
  6. Mark the location of electrical outlets, air vents, water and gas lines
  7. Include measurements of all appliances (width x height x depth)

Appliance Measurements APPL. WIDTH HEIGHT DEPTH Sink Dishwasher Microwave Refrigerator Other

Bring your rough sketch to your meeting with a Morris Black Designer, along with photos and magazine articles showing rooms you like. This information will help your designer create a room designed just for your lifestyle and budget.

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