Family Friendly Kitchens

Morris Black Designs has a legacy of creating family friendly kitchens. Being in business for over 110 years, we see all aspects of kitchen design grow into endless possibilities. The kitchen is the heart of the home, where most hours of the day are spent, which is very important to keep in mind when remodeling a kitchen. Whether a kitchen is for cooking, entertaining, doing homework, or all of the above, it is important to incorporate particular design elements that complement daily activities.

family friendly and dog friendly kitchen designs in allentown pa

The overall layout of the kitchen is the number one thing to consider when planning a family friendly kitchen remodel. How many people do you want your kitchen to hold? Do you frequently entertain? Are there multiple chefs in the household? These are all important questions to think about before a remodel. If there are little children or older adults in the household, make sure the kitchen is fit for all ages and sizes.

family friendly kitchens with large islands in allentown pa

Here are some key features of family friendly kitchens!

An ample kitchen island with comfortable seating is key for entertaining family and friends. Guests can relax and mingle while you cook or clean up dinner, with plenty of room to do so!

family friendly kitchens incorporate cabinet storage accessories for child safety and organization

Incorporate cabinet storage accessories to accommodate every family member. This will keep a kitchen safe for all ages. Placing lower-level drawers for children’s snacks and placing dangerous objects in out of reach areas proves security in a kitchen space.

family friendly kitchens include cabinet storage space for kids supplies and toys

Adding a cabinet or drawer with children’s supplies will create an area for them to play. This area will keep children within view at all times but also out of the way during cooking or clean-up.

There are many ways to create family friendly kitchens, and Morris Black has the ability to do it all! Ready to family-proof your kitchen? Contact us by filling out our online form or give us a call 610-264-2700. You can also visit our showroom – 984 Marcon Blvd, Allentown, PA – and speak with one of our award-winning designers!