Eco-Friendly Kitchens

When it comes to “green remodeling” your kitchen is the absolute perfect candidate. Use the tips below for creating an eco-friendly kitchen design!

eco friendly countertops are perfect for creating eco friendly kitchens

Choices in Eco-friendly Countertops

PaperStone ® Certified and Paperstone Organic

PaperStone® Certified is the only FSC Certified composite in the world made from 100% post consumer recycled paper and 100% water-based resins. PaperStone ® Organic made from 100% bamboo fiber and a 90% organic resin system. A perfect choice for eco-friendly kitchens! Both by Klip Technologies

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Eleek Recycled Aluminum Countertops

Unique, beautiful and easy to care for, Eleek Recycled Aluminum Countertops are a fresh answer to the demand for sustainable and stylish countertop options. Our countertops do not fingerprint like stainless steel. They are lighter than stone, heat resistant, and always pleasantly room temperature thanks to aluminumâ’s highly conductive nature.

Eleek Countertops are customized to your kitchen. That makes each countertop completely unique. Plus, no cutting on site is required and installation is a breeze.

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EnviroMODE terrazzo countertops and tiles are made from recycled tubs, sinks and toilets. Easy to maintain, durable, eco-friendly and beautiful, the recycled surface is available in hundreds of resin colors. Heat- and scratch-resistant, EnviroMODE surfaces are also highly resistant to common stains and are easily cleaned with neutral cleansers.

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kitchen cabinets made from recycled materials are great for eco friendly kitchen designs

10 Things to Know About Green Cabinetry

  1. Morris Black is committed to doing business only with cabinetry manufacturers who are certified under the KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program
  2. Our manufacturers purchase hardwood from FSC-certified forests
  3. Our major manufacturers are all local—within 100 miles—and all are within 500 miles, minimizing the energy required to transport finished products to their destination
  4. Durability – cabinetry built to last the life of your home.
  5. Our manufacturers reduce/recycle waste and recycle water as part of their manufacturing processes.
  6. With the approval of our customers, MB donates old cabinets to the Good Shepherd Homes’ Re-Place
  7. Cabinetry is constructed with formaldehyde-free plywood and MDF board.
  8. Finishes and adhesives produce minimize toxic off-gassing (VOCs) by using water-based products or low-VOC products.
  9. Our manufacturers use products in their manufacturing processes which contain recycled content (e.g. particleboard).
  10. Our manufacturers offer wood species harvested from rapidly renewable sources such as bamboo, etc.

Come visit the Morris Black showroom to learn more about eco-friendly kitchens. Our professional designers will guide you through the steps to create the perfect kitchen design for you!

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