Contrasting kitchen islands is the best way to use the latest design trend.

Contrasting Kitchen Islands

Contrasting Kitchen Islands

Mixing materials and colors are going to be a huge design trend as we delve deeper into 2022. What is one of the best ways to incorporate this trend in your kitchen? Contrasting kitchen islands.

Contrasting, Yet Complementary Features

If someone were to ask you to picture a contrasting kitchen island, most people would picture an island with a base that’s a different color than the main cabinets. And while that’s absolutely true, you can also play around with different cabinet styles and even countertops to achieve that contrasting look.

Contrasting yet complementary features in a kitchen
Designed by Dan Lenner, CMKBD

If you select simple shakers as your main cabinets, consider going with a more ornate style for your centerpiece island. The same principle applies to countertops and even hardware. The goal is to choose design features that complement each other, not necessarily “match”.

Balance Your Color

While white cabinets can help your kitchen feel larger and more open, they can very easily make the space feel too sterile if you’re not careful. Adding a kitchen island of a contrasting color is a great way to add some warmth back into the design, and it creates a focal point for the eye to center on.

Bring warmth to your white cabinetry with a green or blue island
Designed by Christine Shorr, CKBD

Conversely, let’s say you felt bold and selected a jewel tone green or blue for your main cabinets. A white kitchen island would be a great way to make sure the design isn’t overpowered with those rich colors.

Consider the Rest of the Space

When selecting a contrasting kitchen island, you have more to consider than just the contrast between the island and the main cabinets – especially if you have an open concept kitchen/dining/living room design. Think about how the colors and materials you select for the contrasting island can be subtly incorporated into the rest of the space so that the design feels seamless.

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