Incorporating the Same Cabinet Style Throughout a Home

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” – Edgar Degas

At Morris Black we pride ourselves in exceeding your expectations when it comes to custom styling for your home. In fact, creating a design that fully embraces the depth of colors, shapes, and space is a true art form that will translate into high style and functionality in your home. One of the most inventive ways is to incorporate the same cabinet style throughout your entire home design…and it has major perks.

Extending the same cabinet style to other areas of your home is all about embracing the serenity of simplicity. Utilizing a consistent cabinetry style and hardware is an easy and cost-effective way to achieve this goal. Doing so creates consistency, solidifies your “vibe” and style, and the uniformity of style is visually appealing to the eye. Working with a designer will help you execute a design worthy of a spread in a magazine.

Christine Shorr designed a kitchen, master bathroom and guest bathrooms for a new home build by Spectrum Homes in Walnutport, Pennsylvania. Each utilized the same cabinetry style and hardware, keeping the home design consistent, cohesive and true to the homeowner’s style.

Incorporate how Christine uses her art background to create spaces that are functional for their intended purpose, but still stylish and pleasing to the eye and homeowner’s taste.

Cabinet Style in the Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinet Style for a new Home Build

This transitional style cherry kitchen part of this new home build was foundation for Christine’s unified design. The dark cherry cabinets root and anchor the space with their deep luscious hues. Selecting the right hardware added contemporary flair to this timeless design with the use of silver pulls and stainless steel appliances.

Extending the Same Cabinet Style in the Bathroom

Master Bathroom Cabinet Style in a New Home Build

Utilizing the same cabinet style as the kitchen in both the master and guest bathrooms creates a cohesiveness that unifies the entire home design. With the same cabinet style running throughout, you have eliminated the added stress and worry of trying to select cabinetry and hardware for every other room in the house. You’ll have an award-winning design and experience all in one.

Guest Bath Cabinet Style for New Home Build

Meet Our Designer

Christine Shorr is the masterful designer behind the gorgeous aesthetics of this kitchen and bath design. Christine’s background in fine art inspired her love for designing beautiful kitchens, baths, and other unique spaces. She is incredibly talented in creating cohesive looks that are calming, effortless, and visually satisfying. Check out some of her other designs by visiting Christine’s portfolio on Pinterest.

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