2022 Kitchen Trends to give your kitchen the attention it deserves

2022 Kitchen Trends

2022 Kitchen Trends may appear to be all over the place, but they do have one thing in common: giving the kitchen the attention it deserves, especially when it comes to thoughtful design. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest design trends we expect to see in the new year.

Mixing Materials

Homeowners don’t want a stock-image kitchen anymore. They want a thoughtful, balanced design that reflects their personality. One of the best ways to do that is by mixing a variety of materials.

The biggest material to keep your eye on is stone. Look for it to be used in countertops, backsplashes, floor tiles, and even the bases of kitchen islands. Some designers are using stone details as well, such as stone cabinet pulls or stone windowsills.

We have also seen an increase in using quartz for not only their countertops but their kitchen backsplash as well instead of using common materials like tile.

Wood and stone materials in transitional kitchen
Design by Dan Lenner

A Focus on Color

The all-white kitchen is finally slipping in popularity. Instead, more and more homeowners are looking to incorporate their favorite colors into their designs, especially by choosing colored cabinets.

Unsurprisingly, earthy greens are the top color choice. Whether you want to incorporate these beautiful shades in your cabinets, backsplash, wall color, or accessories, you can’t go wrong with bringing these natural tones into your kitchen.

Not the End of the Open Concept Kitchen

There’s no understating how much the pandemic flipped interior design on its head. While many believe that 2022 will bring the end of the open concept kitchen, we say otherwise. People still want their spaces to be cohesive and flowing together – not partition them off.

Open Concept Kitchen trend for 2022
Design by Dan Lenner

Cabinetry Design

With cabinetry being the main focal point of the kitchen, it deserves all the attention 2022 will give it. Expect to see not only an expansion of different types of woods used, but also unexpected materials like plaster, luxurious stone, concrete, and metal.

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