Minimalistic and natural elements are popular in 2022 bathroom trends

2022 Bathroom Trends

2022 Bathroom Trends

How did 2021 fly by so fast? It seems like just yesterday we were looking forward to 2021 trends, and now here we are knee-deep in what to expect for 2022. Time-flying aside, there are some really exciting trends that are going to explode in the coming year. Keep reading for a sneak peek of what bathroom trends to expect in 2022.

Comfort Continues to Reign

There’s been a tremendous call to transform bathrooms into at-home relaxation retreats, and that trend isn’t going away anytime soon. We’ve truly rethought and redefined what we want out of a bathroom, and bathroom designs reflect that. First, expect to see calls for luxurious spa showers/baths where you can melt the stress of the day away, tons of storage options to keep your bathroom beautiful, and personalized touches to make your daily routine easier (ladies, say hello to your own makeup station!).

Neutral palettes and natural elements for a simplistic design.
Design by Dan Lenner, CMKBD


Minimalist design has also exploded in recent years, especially in the bathroom. Homeowners are looking to pare down to the essentials to make their routine easier and luxuriate in simple, functional beauty. Keep an eye out for neutral palettes and natural elements. This trend is definitely going to continue into 2022 and, most likely, far beyond.

Trends of marble slabs, stone tile, wooden vanities and metal finishes.
Design by Dan Lenner, CMKBD

Natural Elements

Yes, natural elements were just mentioned as a big part of minimalism, but they’re also being featured outside of minimalist design. No matter your style, you’re sure to run into big marble slabs, stone tile, wooden vanities, and metal (specifically gold) finishes. Their natural beauty will definitely be taking the spotlight in 2022.

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