1908 Kitchen Appliances and Accessories

Kitchen Appliances

In your Morris Black  1908 kitchen, you can seamlessly integrate your kitchen appliances and accessories into your storage and workspaces.

Pull-Out Vent Accessories

This pull-out vent integrates itself into the cabinet over the cooktop to allow the visual flow of the cabinetry to remain unbroken. The matching backsplash continues the flow and monolithic design of the cooking area. Just pull out the front edge of the hood, and the lights and fan turn on automatically.

Pocket Door Accessories

Pocket doors open outwards like a normal door, but then glide backward to be in a pocket. They are fantastic space-savers and can conceal work areas that house many functions, such as a bar or coffee center, pantry, or desk/work area.

Microwave Drawers Appliances

Microwave drawers open similarly to a cabinet drawer. The under-counter microwave oven makes it easy for you to check or stir foods during cooking. The countertop is also nearby to place the dish on after removing it from the microwave.

Other Kitchen Appliances

Many appliances are also available as models that you can integrate into the cabinetry. You can install them with matching panels, and flush with the surrounding cabinets to provide a seamless, hidden look.

undercabinet lighting

LED Lighting

Built-in strip LED lighting is available inside the cabinets or under the wall cabinets to provide crisp, clear cast lighting.

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