1908 Cabinet Manufacturing Process

The Process

Our Morris Black 1908 cabinet line is manufactured right at our facility in Allentown, Pa – from the laying of the laminate to the making of the cabinetry. Because of this, every cabinet is custom-made to fit your specific space. Take a look at the manufacturing cabinets process.

Morris Black Shop

Once the design and all selections are finalized, the manufacturing process begins. All the cabinets, parts, and details are entered into our state-of-the-art computerized software.

The component parts are broken down into material orders and computer codes for each of the processing machines in our facility, beginning with the laminating machine shown here. The substrate material then makes its way through the laminator, where adhesive is applied and the laminate or veneer is precisely laid overtop.

Every facet of the order is checked and rechecked before any part is cut. Programmed by the engineering software, the CNC machine shown here, and other specialty processing equipment accurately measure and cut all components of the cabinetry.

Then, all components are passed through subsequent machines to drill holes, add dowels, assemble cabinets, and add hardware. After assembly, all finishes cabinets are carefully inspected and re-inspected for quality control to insure that every product leaving our facility meets our very high standard for excellence.

morris black shop
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