Green Design

Green display CalloutsOur goal in creating eco-friendly kitchens is to make your living space better for you and for the environment. Environmentally sound elements involve choices in lifestyle, design and products that minimize the impact on the environment and natural resources. Considerations include your health (air quality and use of non-toxic materials), your budget (lower utility bills) and the planet we all share.

The Morris Black designers can make your commitment to ecology easy to fulfill. We will show you that environmentalism and aesthetics can co-exist. With careful planning, together we can create a space that combines beauty, efficiency, comfort and convenience with health and conservation.

What makes a design “green”?

GreenVanityWe look for sustainable products that have one or more of the health or environmental attributes listed below:

  • Promotes good indoor air quality
  • Incorporates recycled content or can be recycled
  • Made from natural or renewable resources
  • Obtained from local sources or manufacturers (to reduce shipping)
  • Comes from sustainably harvested sources (wood products)
  • Conserve energy (Energy Star ratings)
  • Conserve water

Bring your design project to Morris Black, and together we’ll develop an eco-friendly plan.

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