Design Styles

If you know your personal style – great! You’ll make our job easier. However, most clients who visit our showrooms are not exclusively devoted to one decorating style – or never gave it a thought. Not to worry. As part of our “getting to know you” phase, our designers will ask insightful questions about your preferences that will help discover your personal style. If you’d like to investigate further, read on.


Purity in line and form define modern design, with an absence of frills or unnecessary details. As the architect Mies van der Rohe stated, “Less is More”. You’ll find minimalist design and references to Asian and Scandinavian design elements. Colors could be monochromatic or bright. Texture is emphasized, and pure design elements are apparent.

Modern Faucet2

Modern Light



Transitional spans both traditional and contemporary design, and can include elements of each. Many of Morris Black’s customers in the Lehigh Valley prefer transitional styling. Think of Transitional as a little of each (or think of Goldilocks and her porridge: not too hot, not too cold). One example would be the use of molding. Transitional designs may include molding, but not the multiple layers of stacked molding found in Traditional, or the absence of molding typical of Contemporary.

Transitional Faucet

Transitional -light2

Transitional Chair


Traditional design often includes classic furniture pieces, symmetrical arrangements, and rich color schemes, with obvious historic references. Styles can range from American Country to British Empire to other European styles like French Provincial. Details can include carvings, appliqués, turned legs, brocades and other rich fabrics, decorative tile, and more.

Traditional Faucet

Traditional -Light

Traditional Chair

To discover more about your personal style, download our Idea Books, or the cabinetry manufacturer’s resource materials. We love to see clients come to the showroom with sticky notes in design magazines or with photos of things they like… including downloads from this site! But that’s not essential. Together, we can create a one-of-a-kind room that is sure to please you.

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